Give me everything I want, nothing of what I need.
Sarcastic, yet witty. I'll keep you on your toes.

Ivy. 23. Brooklyn, NY.

Hello, from afar.

I’m lonely.
Trying to find words, to possibly make myself feel better.
Trying to find those happy feelings people talk about.
But I’m finding myself slipping back into my old habits.

I’m lonely, and quite sad.

i miss this so much. Eventually, i’ll come back. Hopefully. 

Taken with Instagram

and Chiddy Bang too! Under the Influence Tour before Lolla (Taken with Instagram)

Waittt, seeing Wiz was the perfect start of my weekend (Taken with Instagram)

Taking a bite out of Chi-Town’s finest. (Taken with Instagram)

I’m heerrrreeee!!! (Taken with Instagram)